What Do You Need to Know About Event Landing Page Creation?



What is the event page?

The issue of advertising is as acute for the organizers of the event as the event itself. The potential visitor needs to be interested in a catchy picture and a memorable description. And, of course, to maintain this interest, prompting action (buying a ticket or registration) and awakening in him a sense of impatience in anticipation of the upcoming show. In addition to the usual print ads and social media posts, there is another curious tool for this purpose - an event landing page.


Some event landing page basics

The main difference between a landing page and an ordinary website page is that it is a stand-alone page serving one purpose - conversion. This conversion can be realized in two ways:

  1. Landing pages for event registration. Such pages are designed to eventually get the visitor to register for a free event, or buy a ticket for a paid event.
  2. Landing page generating leads. The purpose of such pages is to collect additional information about a potential participant, often an email for further messaging.

In any case, these pages cope with their narrow task much better than a site burdened with a lot of unnecessary information.

Why do I need to create an event landing page?

  1. Increasing brand awareness. People who are already subscribed can easily share your landing page among acquaintances, colleagues, or on social networks. Thus, you get an additional (also free) advertising channel.
  2. Study the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. Since an individual landing page serves only one purpose, it's pretty easy to determine whether it achieves it. Our easy-to-use Landing page constructor allows you to keep track of the stats for each created landing page. Among the information you get are the number of total and unique clicks, time, date, and visitor device.
  3. Generating additional traffic. For your event to be visible to search engines, you need the most possible activity dedicated to it. And a well-designed landing page using the necessary keywords helps expand the audience to whom your ads are shown.

Obligatory (and not so) elements of event landing page

  1. Organizers. Identify sponsors, organizers, and hosts. This will give visitors a sense of the seriousness of the event.
  2. Subject. Highlight the topic of a future event. Visitors to, for example, a seminar landing page or a conference landing page definitely need to know what they will spend their time on.
  3. Speakers. For the ones mentioned above, as well as for the masterclass landing pages, it is important to list the speakers, adding photos to the especially prominent ones. It is possible that some visitors will go to the event just to hear a particular expert.
  4. Time and Location. Of course, one of the most important details is the indication of the time and an exact explanation of the location of the event (unless, of course, it is held online). By the way, an interesting marketing ploy is the location of the countdown timer in this block. Make the visitor impatient!
  5. Additional information. Convince the hesitant that they just need to attend your event! For this purpose, come up with a text promising something unbeatable that will get stuck in their heads! For the festival or concert landing pages, videos from past events would also be a great addition.
  6. CTA (call to action). The event landing page requires a clear call to action, explaining to visitors the purpose of their stay on this page. It is appropriate to place it in the form of a prominent button and, if the overall size of the landing turns out to be quite large, duplicate.
  7. Contacts. Add organizer contacts for attendees to get in touch with, as well as social media links. This will help attract additional traffic and make it even easier to spread the word about your event.

Event landing page creation with ME-Page

ME-Page is an all-free (with viewing ads by users) landing page creation instrument. It can help event organizers who don’t want to spend much time on it! Offering event landing page templates, as well as the ability to create own from scratch, it doesn’t require any special skills in programming or design. Each step of creation is intuitive and fully described in the instructions for use.

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Give us a chance! Spend some of your time creating such an effective marketing tool. And make sure it will increase your event attendance!