A Personal Landing Page Creation Guide

Create your personal landing page in just a few minutes!



Online identification is becoming more and more relevant these days. Consumers are increasingly turning to online searches for information, and what they find about you needs to catch their attention. The best option for focused representation, whether you're a musician, actor, athlete, or whatever, is to create a personalized landing page.


What Kind of Landing Page Can Be Called “Personal”?

First, a couple of words about the landing page. Contrary to popular belief, a home page of any site can not be called a landing page. The exception is a one-page site dedicated to a single purpose. Unlike a homepage, which usually provides general information about a brand and its services, a landing page focuses on one thing: conversions. And the "Personal" is one that is dedicated to a particular person, not a business or company.

Personal Landing Page Structure

While creating a personalized landing page, you need to understand that the user's attention and interest are not unlimited. Therefore, it is important to fit the optimal amount of important information in the smallest possible space. Here are the main elements of your personalized landing page:

  • Header in large letters and an image that will give the visitor a clear understanding that he/she arrived on the right page.
  • The most important examples of your professional activities. For example, a landing page for a photographer should not be burdened with a number of dozens of images. And on a landing page for a blogger, there is no need to post long videos in large quantities.
  • After that, the Call to Action button will be clever. This is where you can invite your guest to subscribe to or purchase your services.
  • Additional information to help those who haven't decided on a subscription/purchase before. This can be a more extended description of your action experience.
  • Your contacts. Email, contact phone number, social media links - whatever you think is appropriate.
  • A final button that duplicates the CTA to purchase or subscribe to your services, which was described a couple of points above.

Some Tips on Landing Page Content

First and foremost, try to appeal to clients’ emotions. Inspire their admiration with examples of your work. An impressed visitor of your portfolio landing page may not even notice how he or she will be signed up.

Use urgency as an excuse to sign up now. If your activity involves specific billable services, promise discounts for those who order within a certain time frame. This approach may spur some hesitant people into action.

Use language that is close to your audience. Few people will appreciate a full technical description of your activities. And successfully inserting slang words that only your audience can understand will make them happy!

Create Your Own Personal Landing Page

Is it difficult to create personalized landing pages? Does it require knowledge of programming and layout? Absolutely not!

Using our Landing Page Constructor , absolutely everyone can create a landing page that meets their needs in the shortest possible time. Information is added through pre-programmed blocks that you only have to drag and drop and customize its content. Moreover, if you lack inspiration, we offer you ready-made landing page templates. You can simply fill them in with your information, or modify them according to your taste.

You can instantly observe the result in the preview window. And the ready-made landing automatically adjusts to any type and screen resolution. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the convenience of its viewing by visitors.

At the end of creation, you will receive a link and a QR code, with which sharing your landing page will become even easier and more convenient! And all of the above is absolutely free, only with the addition of advertising for your users. If you want to make visiting your landing page even more convenient for them, check out the Premium Subscription to our service.

So don't let your activity get lost on the Internet! Create your personal landing page right now and enjoy the increased popularity!


Share the links on your social media

Your personal home page should contain links on your social media, the most of people prefer to communicate this way. Choose social media where you are the most active. For example, it’s recommended to tell your clients about your Instagram where you publish something related to your business.

Your contact information should be on display. Better to publish it at the beginning on the landing. Don’t forget about call-to-actions that should be in several places of the page.

On our website you will find a lot of bio page examples and templates. It will help you to create the best personal landing page for business. These templates will be useful if you want to create the page from scratch. Now it’s available even for people without any experience of web-development.