How to create the personal web-page for the promotion of your services



A personal landing is a perfect tool for the promotion of your personality and services. It’s suitable for freelancers, tutors, photographers, lawyers and other professionals who work on themselves and want to get as more clients as possible. We will give you some recommendations how to create a personal landing page and what should you take into account when working on it.


The design and your personal brand

If you don’t want to have a landing that will be remind other landing pages, you will have to work on the creative and unusual design. Oddly enough, but it’s worth to examine the pages of your competitors to take something the best from them.

Choose proper colors and shades, they should be relevant to your personal style. No need to use more than three colors, otherwise your design will be too flamboyant and irritating.

Create the model of your future landing using special software for it. This way you can see how it will look in reality. Most of these works you will do by yourself using our templates.

You can create the web-design by yourself or with the help of a professional. Remember that all parts of your landing should be completed in the same style.

Work on the unique content

Your bio page should be interesting and informative. Do not use banal and standard phrases to describe yourself. Do not list all events from your life. Your task is to tell how you will help users and why it’s worth to have a deal with you.

Your page with bio may include the following information:

  • Who you are and where you work.
  • What your passion is.
  • Your opinion about some subjects.
  • Your experience and skills, your strong sides and success.
  • In what things you are able to help.

Choose the best photo of yourself, your clients want to see you. Don’t use home photos, hire a photographer who will take pictures in a studio.


Demonstrate your best work

If you want to share with people your skills, you will have to gather your own portfolio. It’s the most difficult moment in the creation of your personal web page, often it takes months.

Choose your best works and publish pictures or screenshots of them. If you are a lawyer or financial consultant, you can describe the results of your projects. Take pictures with high quality. Even if your work is perfect, blurred photos will spoil everything.

Add the description to every work. A client should understand what it is and how it can help them.

At the same time, don’t overdose with the portfolio. Practice shows, it’s enough to have about 10 good works to persuade clients. People don’t like to sort out with a lot of information.

Publish some reviews

One page with bio should include real reviews from your clients. Usually people trust reviews on the Internet almost the same way as they trust their friends. No need to publish all positive reviews. It’s enough to choose the most informative ones that reflect the advantages of your personal brand. Make them noticeable. Use the photos of people’s profiles in social media, real names. Our templates will help you to publish reviews in an attractive way.


Share the links on your social media

Your personal home page should contain links on your social media, the most of people prefer to communicate this way. Choose social media where you are the most active. For example, it’s recommended to tell your clients about your Instagram where you publish something related to your business.

Your contact information should be on display. Better to publish it at the beginning on the landing. Don’t forget about call-to-actions that should be in several places of the page.

On our website you will find a lot of bio page examples and templates. It will help you to create the best personal landing page for business. These templates will be useful if you want to create the page from scratch. Now it’s available even for people without any experience of web-development.