The specifics of Real Estate Landing Page



Real estate page is a good way to tell your potential clients about your services and to attract their attention. Real estate is a serious area where it’s very important to communicate with clients, to present your strong sides and profitable conditions. These strong sides should be represented on landing page.


What should be on the page for real estate?


Unique selling propositions at the beginning of the page. This way your client can understand where he is, why does this page exist and what exactly you propose. Try to make it really remarkable and attractive compared to the propositions of your competitors.


The harmonic and relevant pictures. If you sell the apartments in high buildings, it doesn’t make sense to publish the photos of country houses. Try to choose the best pictures with high quality, it’s worth to hire a professional photograph for it.


The advantages of your company and the result of your services. For example, a client will buy the luxury apartment for happy life or they will get an affordable accommodation in the city they like. If you sell apartments of other people, you can write that your client can get a free consultation and an estimation of their apartment.


Handling objections. In this part you should resolve all doubts of your clients and answer the possible questions.


The reviews. It’s more recommended to publish real and natural reviews of your clients. Nowadays people recognize false effortlessly and artificial reviews will irritate them only.


Call-to-action. It can be a noticeable button clicking on which your client can call or write you.

Bear in mind that even an attractive landing page isn’t able to sell real estate. It’s only an additional tool. A client will read real estate pages on the first step and on the second step you will have to convince them to buy something on the phone or at the office during the real meeting.

The best recommendations for publishing real estate for sale page

A good landing page will help you to attract more clients and to increase your income. That’s why you should take care of creating the page with clear and transparent information. You can have a landing page in addition to your main website, it will be useful for selling certain types of real estates (for example, for luxury apartments).

Real estate landing page templates will help you to create the unique page for your needs. Just take the template and fill it with relevant information about your apartments and houses. These templates have formal and universal design and a strict structure.


Use the concrete numbers and facts. Don’t write that your company is the best and well-developed. Instead of it give some examples of your productive work and success (for example, you have been working more than 10 years, you have more than 100 successful deals with clients, you offer new and new apartments every month).

Think about the design. It should catch the attention and shouldn’t look intrusive and flamboyant at the same time. A real estate agency is a serious and respectable organization, that’s why it must have quite restrained design. Don’t overdose with shades and big fonts.

Place the buttons with call-to-action in several places of the landing page. We never know at what moment a client will decide to call you to specify the information.

Don’t forget about the adaptation to mobile versions. In 2017 the amount of people who use smartphones for searching on the Internet became bigger compared to amount of PC users. In the future these numbers will grow only. That’s why your page should be comfortable for reading from the phone.


If you want to see real estate landing page examples, you can do it here We give you the effective and universal templates for it; one page real estate website templates will provide you a lot of useful information. Also you can build your own landing page from the scratch using the special constructor.