Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have collected answers to questions that you may have.

A landing page is a separate marketing or promotional purposes web page, aimed at increasing the conversion rate. Unlike the homepage, the landing page focuses on one goal - to convert visitors into potential customers, which is why it is so concise.

Yes, you can. This is done in the Settings menu of your Landing pages by logging into your Account.

No, the free plan does not impose any restrictions on the functionality of your webpages. The only difference is that your visitors will see ads when they click on them.

Of course! Landing pages created with ME-PAGE automatically adjust to any resolution and screen size and look great on desktops, tablets, and smartphones alike.

Yes, you can modify them however you want and use them for free!

No, there is no direct ability to create your own templates. However, you can create a new landing page based on an existing one by clicking the Duplicate Page button related to the respective in My Landing Pages menu.

Yes, you can customize your landing pages after the link/QR code is published to further align them with your specific goals.

No, when your account includes a paid Subscription, we collect but do not store your credit card number. For more information please read our Privacy policy.

Yes, you can observe the number of unique conversions and conversions in general, time, place and operating system of users getting to your landing page.

We have the ability to put a password, without knowing which casual user will not be able to view your landing page. It is set in the Restrictions tab of the Settings menu, which can be accessed by clicking the corresponding button in My Landing Pages.

No, your original landing pages will remain, but having them in the account is necessary. If the page is not in the account, please contact us and send the URL and the account's email.

Yes, ads will be removed but landing pages should be created in the account.

No, all your landing pages will remain just ads will be shown again.

You can stop your subscription in the account under Premium Subscription. You can also contact support via live chat or email us in the Support section of your account and we will help you.

You can delete your account in the Personal Information section, but do not forget to cancel your subscription before doing so. If you have difficulties with the Subscription - please contact