How to Create Perfect Event Page
Useful Tips & Templates
Event page landing
What is the event page?
If you are going to organize a webinar or seminar, a concert or a festival, you will have to promote these events to attract more participants. A landing page is the best way to tell about a coming event. Using this way, you will gently push your clients to sign up for this meeting or to buy a webinar. We will tell you how to create a landing page for events to make it more effective.
The main criteria
A landing page with tickets for an event should meet some requirements:

  1. 1. Use the most important information only. Don’t overload your page with unnecessary things. A user should find the key information effortlessly (about the time and place of your event, speakers and the structure).
  2. 2. Visualize your landing page. Most of the users don’t read texts, they prefer to watch videos and look at the pictures. Add this content to your website.
  3. 3. Test your lending on different types of gadgets, it should be comfortable to read it on a phone and computer.
  4. 4. Bear in mind the interests of your auditory. Pages of a child event or a business seminar are very different.
You can see the examples of event landing pages on our website, here you will find the best ideas for your page.
What should a landing page for events contain?
The first thing is the key information. Add the name of your event, the photo and the logotype. Don’t use long descriptions, everything should be clear and laconic.

Add the place (if your event will be online, write about it). At the beginning of the page you can write a city only.

Don’t forget about the time (add some days, as for the precise time, you can write it in the program of the event).

CTA buttons should be in several places of the page. Some people don’t like to read all the information, they will just find the most interesting part and will want to sign up immediately.

The price is the key information as well. If it’s low, you can place it on the top of the page, otherwise don’t do it, it will scare off users. If the price is high enough, place it after the advantages.

List the participants (well-known artists or speakers). Add some information about the main participants, for example, their rewards and experience.
Share the links on your social media
Don’t forget about links on social media, especially if you publish information there actively. It will help to attract new clients from VK, Facebook or Instagram. The contact information should be in a separate noticeable section. If a client has some problems with the registration, they will call or write to you.
Additional Info
Another part of your landing is a program of an event. Don’t overdose with the text, but all information should be detailed enough, with a good structure. Tell about the parts of your event, speakers, bonuses for clients, about things that they will know after this meeting. Here you can add some advantages that help you stand out among other companies or artists.

The form for the registration is a necessary thing that should be placed on the bottom of a landing. Don’t make it too cumbersome and long, otherwise a client will get tired of filling it. Add different ways of payment, for example, with several parts or with the help of a loan (this is relevant for expensive events).

You can add additional information. For example, it’s effective to publish some photos and videos from the previous events (choose the best ones). This way a user will understand that your event is really something interesting and useful. Also you can place the timer that will count the day until the event. It will make your clients more active and will push them to make a decision.
Find Templates on MePage
On our website you will find templates for even landing pages that will help you to create this page from scratch and to attract your clients. Our examples will be suitable even for a person who doesn’t have experience in the creation of websites. You will find some ideas about the design or the structure that you can use on your project.