How to Create a Webinar Landing Page

The best recommendations and our template
Webinar Landing Page
A webinar is an effective marketing tool to help attract potential customers and tell them about your business. Statistics claim that between 5 and 25 per cent of participants become customers of the company. If you want to promote your event and encourage people to buy a webinar, you should create an effective and attractive landing page for it.
The best landing pages for webinars help you get more and more customers. We will give you useful recommendations on how to create such pages.

Intrigue with the help of your title
The header is a central part of your landing. 80 percent of users will read the title only while 20 percent of readers will reach the main text. Your title should tell about the problems of your clients, about their needs and worries. For example, you can write the concrete results in facts and numbers.

Provide real-life examples that will be close to your client. Emphasize the urgency of the registration: some people are afraid to lose something really important.

Tell about the speaker
If a person decides to participate in a webinar, they will prefer to know that they will communicate with a well-experienced professional. It’s very important if you promote an unknown thing or brand. Add some real photos of your speakers. They should look friendly and smiling, it will help to persuade users.

Add some information about speakers, show their experience and skills.
Work on the text

Your text should be simple and understandable for users. Don’t forget about key words and other content (photos and videos). A client needs to know what they will learn on your webinar. Give them this information, tell them about the structure of the event, about subjects you will discuss. Make the accent on what your audience will know after this webinar and how they can put this knowledge to practice.

Use reviews
Your webinar landing page should contain real reviews of your participants. About 88 percent of people trust reviews on the Internet. If possible, add the photos of your clients who were satisfied with your services.
Don’t publish fake reviews! It’s always noticeable and it will spook off your potential clients. Better ask some opinions of people who have already known your webinar.
Add several CTA

All webinar landing page examples include call-to-action. The main goal of any landing page is to persuade users to buy something. Your readers should be able to sign up for the webinar regardless of the part of the page that they read. That’s why place these buttons in several parts.

At the same time don’t overdose with CTA, otherwise a client will think you are pushing him.

The best webinar page design
If a person thinks that the design of your landing is not comfortable and tasteless, they will believe that your webinar is the same. Don’t let them think like that. Try to attract their attention to the main information, set up the comfortable hierarchy.

Stick to the colors of your brand, this way your landing page will look more persuasive. As for buttons with CTA, they should have a bright eye-catching color.

Be simple. Think about unnecessary details on the page. If they don’t help to get more clients, better give them up.
Add the page with gratitude

After a user signs up for your webinar, open the page with your gratitude in front of them. Even a simple «thank you» will help to make your event more successful. This way your client will be sure that the registration is completed. Besides, you can use this page for additional actions (for example, ask for the invitation of the user’s friends).

You can find an interesting webinar landing page template on our website. We offer you a lot of templates that will help to create effective landings for any goal. Also you can use the constructor to build a landing page according to your needs and preferences.