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Coffee QR menu
Food and drink are what people buy every day. If you own a coffee shop or restaurant, you know how important it is to present your food in an appetising way. Customers order coffee by looking at attractive pictures and imagining the taste and smell of the drink. How do you create a shop page for selling coffee? We'll give you some tips and examples to help you create the best landing page.
The appetizing photos
Hunger is a negative emotion that requires immediate satisfaction. When you sell coffee, you will have to communicate with customers who have tried many varieties of this drink.
Therefore, place some special photos of the original recipes at the beginning of the page. It will be nice if you add the pictures of pies, cookies and cakes near cups of coffee, it will stimulate people to order something in your shop.
Think about menu

The QR menu is the best variant for a landing page. A client can get this menu scanning the QR-code and read it from the phone or computer. You don't have to hand the menu over, which is very relevant during a pandemic. Finally, the QR menu for restaurants looks attractive, stylish and laconic.

Your menu in a landing page should be clear and well-structured. People may not understand differences between types of coffee, that’s why add what ingredients every beverage has. Remember that a user would like to know how much their order will cost, that’s why place prices in front of every position.

The pictures of your coffee shop or restaurant
Many decent shops and restaurants organize interesting events for coffee fans. In this case you can publish interesting pictures from these events, for example, photos of degustation coffee or pictures of making original beverages. That’s why it’s better to invite a professional photographer to your celebrations and seminars.

To attract clients to your restaurant, place some pictures of your rooms and stylish interior.

A landing page for coffee sales isn’t only an online menu with prices. Using this tool, you can make clients order beverages online. If you have a delivery, place call-to-action buttons with the phrase «order coffee with delivery right now». Place these buttons in several places of your landing so that customers can order coffee at any time while they are reading the information about it.

The map of your shop
A restaurant page or a landing for your coffee shops should include the detailed map and the description of your location. Due to that, clients can find you effortlessly. This rule is obligatory for big cities. You can place the map at the end of your page.
Your advantages

The advantages of your shop and the unique selling propositions should be noticeable for any client. Better write them in the list and choose every point thoroughly. Don’t write common banal phrases that will make you blend in with other websites. Choose something that will make you stand out. You can mention unusual sorts of your coffee that one can’t find on other websites, original fillings and toppings, new desserts, discounts for regular clients (for example, every sixth cup is for free).

Work on design
Your shop page needs to look appealing to customers, so you need to choose mouth-watering colours and shades. When it comes to selling coffee, most experts recommend choosing dark and concise colours. As for fonts, they should contrast with the main background, with white being the best option. Of course, you can experiment with colours and images, but don't go overboard with shades and bright elements, otherwise your customers will be distracted from the main part - the menu.
On our website you will find templates of landing pages for coffee shops and restaurants. You can use this template as a base for your website or take some nice features from it for your individual project.