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Create landing pages and increase engagement with your audience

Collect your links

Give your customers access to all content and links in one place

Create landing page

Design your landing page and promote your product

Start selling

Enable your customers to buy your products - connect your payment processing service

Use one link instead of many

If you have many links to different resources like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, or your website - creating a website landing page allows you to put all your links on one page

Allow customers to connect with you in one click

Put social media, email, or messenger links on your landing page, allowing customers to contact you in just one click. For the customer, the ease of contacting you can play a key role when choosing a service

Create a landing page to start selling

You don't have to spend a lot of time designing and launching a website to get your sales off the ground. Using a simple landing page builder, you can easily create a one-page website that will start generating sales

how to use and create qr code

Generate QR Code for your page

Once created, you will be able to receive the QR code forever. For any changes on the page, the QR code remains the same.

Where can you use QR?

Thực đơn nhà hàng

These are no longer new trends, this is the requirement of a modern client.

Information in public places

Place useful information with illustrations in a QR code.

Product information

Add all the necessary information about the product in the code.

Use Cases

Let's look at a few examples of how to use a landing page

Real Estate Landing Page

A landing page for a real estate agency will help give an insight into the work of your firm. Post a list of services provided, give some examples of your work, tell about promotions and pricing policies of the agency


Need to register webinar participants? Create a webinar landing page and include a lead page, registration form, time, topic, and speakers

Blog Landing Page

Include information about the topic of your blog, type of content, and links to social media, this is additional interaction with the audience

Landing Page for App

Communicate briefly and visually about your app, get customers interested before the app is even released, increase product visibility. Spread the word about its features and strengths, as well as the possibilities open to the user


Create a landing page for event ticketing, which is much more effective, cheaper, and faster than creating a website. Visualize key information about the event (theme, venue, price)

Coffee Shop

A landing page with table reservations and menu views is a great way to promote your establishment. You can also add a link to a testimonial and social media form


Raising funds for those in need? Create a landing page where people can donate without having to enter details. Spread the word about your foundation or organisation, why you are fundraising, and where you can showcase the work you have already done

Personal Page

By creating a personalised page you can easily showcase yourself and your areas of expertise


A landing page for your shop allows customers to browse your range of products on product landing page or place orders. Inform the user about discounts or special offers


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  • Create and manage your landing page
  • Create your own template
  • Use a ready-made template
  • Link the payment system
  • View statistics
  • Add your own domain
  • Use of contact forms
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